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marriage legal. we all know how the justices feel about corporations. joining me now in the san francisco war room is jim lazarus, the southbound of the public policy, a business organization which has been ahead of the curve when it comes to supporting guy marriage. welcome. >> thank you for having me. >> michael: it's our pleasure. this is a very important story that i'm glad we're covering. 200 counties have signed legal briefs to turn over prop 8 and the defense i have marriage act which both ban gay marriage. your organization was among them. why is this issue so important in the corporate world? >> diversity of your workforce. especially in san francisco but you're seeing it in california and all around the country. when you have 10% to 20% of your workforce that is identified as gay or lesbian, it's a big part of your ability to attract and retain. we brought this at the request of the local community to our chamber really in the early california lawsuit six years ago and the chamber weighed in unanimously to join the briefs because the business community small and large felt they
party would say he is extremely moderate. >> michael: well, we are coming from san francisco. >> oh, yes. we'll reevaluate that. >> michael: the governor said quote . . . do you think it's in your state's best interest to spend money defending these bills? >> no, i really don't, and i think that's one of the biggest concerns and in my opinion was one of the reasons why there would have been room for veto. we're very fortunate with the oil we have here, and we do have dollars. but we should be funding our education structure, and the needs that we have due to the oil boom. and i would love to see us put money into child care so we have that quality there, mutt better than putting it into a lawsuit, which we figure is going to be in the millions. are at least three bills that the attorney general will have to defend. >> michael: you have served in the house for 17 years. why is this happening in north dakota now? >> i think we're a very conservative state. and a low-population state. i have 13,000 constituents. it's a little easier here and i think that's part of t
to discuss perez, and the rnc's response is "san francisco chronicle" political reporter joe garofoli. welcome back inside "the war room." >> good to be here. >> michael: after everything we have learned isn't this the long way to go? >> this is the worst timing for republicans to have this guy come out. his parents are from the dominican republic, he is that self made guy that republicans love, and they are going to line up to just spike him. >> michael: they are being lead by david vitter who himself does not have that clean of a slate. >> no. they will throw some stuff at him, but ultimately he will get through. he has been vetted nationally before, but they will throw some blows at him. the thing to watch for is how mean are they going to get? as a count think supervisor perez supported driver licenses for undocumented workers. we'll hear about that. >> michael: at a certain point it just becomes annoying to listen to them do all of this stuff, too. in the autopsy report we heard that they want to embrace some sort of immigration reform. i'm going to play you
's caucus as a former district attorney of san francisco she has always prosecuted sexual assault cases. christine thanks for being here. you tweeted about this, you said that chuck hagel has to fix this, right? what specifically should he do? >> first the air force should be ka mended for having a women leader. when chuck hagel was nominated, senator boxer, and senator [ inaudible ] sent him a very clear message, we want to know what you are going to do to help stop military sexual assault and rape, and chuck hagel said he was going to solve the problem. now over to you, secretary hagel, solve the problem. do a review. reinstate the conviction and take a very careful look at why it was that the general acted the way that the general acted. and put steps in place so one person can't throw out a jury. >> michael: and is that typical of military justice as we know it? the generals can just go ahead and do that? >> he could revisit that. in the interest of justice the secretary can go ahead and overrule the ruling of the person underneath him, but in the interest of broa
in the downtown cities of atlanta and san francisco than the surrounding areas. >> michael: and not only is it where people live you also point out that the jobs affected by climate change like in agriculture impact hispanics and african-americans. >> yeah, any marginalized population is going to feel the effect of climate change irrespective of color, but here in georgia we have seen quite a bit of drought. here in georgia many african-americans particularly in more rural counties work in the agricultural industry farming, and these industries are vulnerable to drought and increased frequency and intensity of drought which many studies suggest will occur as our clie climate changes. >> michael: i think every american, you know, goes to hurricane and thinks about that how it disproportionately affected african-americans in hurricane katrina. one factor was they were living in low-lying areas in new orleans. but this is more about the long-term effect of this. >> exactly. hurricane katrina puts a face on what this particular study talk about, but when we think abo
legalization? >> here in california, you have the representative of san francisco who is an advocate. even he says that here in california, the majority of his fellow lawmakers are afraid of their own shadow with regards to changing marijuana law. try to imagine this situation playing out in any deeply red state, and you can just imagine. michael: what's compelling too is this whole idea of taxing. they're going to tax so heavily this marv marijuana, how soon until the people go back to the black market? >> marijuana is widely available in this country. tenth graders report easy access to it. the most common price paid is zero, it's gifted to them by friends. any type of taxation above and beyond the actual cost to produce is going to run into the reality on the street where pot's available for cheap. >> i love when 10th graders are the demographic. we polled 10th graders. >> everyone talks about keeping this drug away from kids and that's why they're against all these changes to laws. it's important to remember for decades, the drug's been widely available. >> the blog is called smell the tr
's office in alameda county locally here around san francisco. >> michael: yes. >> on their legislation. some of the people that we're working with, some of the people in the coalition would like to see an all-out ban. but in most places it's a warrant, and guidance on how it can be useddism i'm thinking about those drones, and christopher dorner in southern california who went on a killing rampage and then was hold up in a house at big bear. people were speculating whether drones would be an appropriate tool to use there. >> in a case like chris dorner. this is a case that it would have been very easy to get a warrant. you wake a judge up, and you do that. >> michael: right. >> the kinds of laws that we're seeing especially some of the better laws that we're seeing, massachusetts has a pretty good proposal, and rhode island has a pretty good proposal, they would restrict what the--what sort of footage they are allowed to use and how they're allowed to use it but it would not restrict the drone all together. so for locating chris dorner in a remote location, drones may not be the most e
is the company behind xl. joining me now from san francisco, is daniel souweine, campaign manager for forecast the facts, and organizations fighting against climate change denial denial. daniel, welcome into "the war room." >> thanks for having me michael. >> michael: so is the source of this report problematic in anyway? >> definitely. this was written by a company, environmental resource management which works for and it is paid for by trans-canada, which is the company that wants to build the keystone pipeline. so this is a company that has a financial interest in seeing the pipeline built, so it's not really surprietsing then that they have essentially come to the conclusion that the project should get a green light. >> michael: right. it's like republican internal polls that showed romney winning. how common is this practice now? >> it's actually all together too common. it's not that this happens on every single project, but it's certainly a standard procedure to have this kind of report be written by the companies seeking to either build pipe lines or other proj
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8